Lila Palmer Librettist

"Searching, inventive, elegantly clear, technically assured, and emotionally persuasive, Lila Palmer's writing is exactly what opera needs now." 

- Mark Adamo

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Liverpool Philharmonic

with Grace Evangeline Mason

Lila’s oratorio for the Liverpool Philharmonic with Grace Evangeline Mason will premier in July 2020!

The Selfish Giant

at Opera Saratoga 2021

An adaptation of The Selfish Giant, Lila's opera with Clarice Assad, will premier at Opera Saratoga in 2021.

Golda Schultz 

recital tour song cycle

International soprano and Metropolitan Opera artist  Golda Schultz has commissioned a song cycle from Lila and Kathy Tagg for her upcoming recital tour.

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Dead Equal

Lila's opera about women in combat received raves at Edinburgh Fringe! 

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Commissioning for Singers

Why Everyone's Doing It & You Should Be Too

New Music commissioning is booming, with opera festivals and new works showcases popping up like mushrooms. Performers and companies at all levels are commissioning, often for the first time. In this video, Lila breaks down the most frequent questions singers ask about commissioning.

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Lila Palmer, librettist, joins the OperaBiz podcast for an episode dedicated to discussing the side of the industry many people take for granted: the text. From creating new works, to collaborative efforts, to crafting a story, Lila brings a unique perspective to the world of opera. Listen below!


Lila’s works have been commissioned by leading orchestras, presenters and opera houses and outside the field of opera; appeared as sound installations, museum exhibits and enlivened educational, healthcare, heritage and cultural institutions.

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Lila Palmer is a librettist whose warmth, clarity and stylistic flexibility have made her a favoured partner of established and emerging composers alike. An advanced vocal performer herself, Lila’s skill in advocating for and writing to the classically trained voice has enabled her to bridge the gap between the world of interpreter and creative. 

She is the only alumnus of the both of the two full-time degree and resident librettist development programs in existence, respectively the ROH-Guildhall Opera Makers program (London, UK) and American Lyric Theatre’s CLDP initiative. 

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